Barringer Electric & 3D Design


1.  Smoke Detectors:

     Smoke Detector is going off - Find the one that's Flashing Red, Push and Hold the Test Button.  

     This will reset the device and stop the alarm.  Of course you should check for fire or smoke.

2.  Ground Fault is Tripping:

     This happens the most at Christmas.  Extension cords and the plugs are getting wet when it rains.

     Wrap the plugs in tape or plastic, prevent them from getting wet.

     Treadmills are known to trip Ground Faults, it probably states this in the Owners Guide.

3.  LED Bulbs:

     They used six times less energy than Incandescent.  They last ten, even twenty years.

     They are measured in Color by Degeess Kelvin.  2700K is closest to Incandescent.  5000K have a Blue

     tint. 7000K are those Blue irritating headlgihts.

     Not all LED are Dimmable.  If you're using a Dimmer, buy Dimmable LED

     If the LED flickers, adjust the LED compatible Dimmer.

     We recommend Lutron Ariadni and Lutron Diva


Frequently Asked Questions